What Not To Do When You Are In A Scholarship Program


Getting a good education like Marika Tolz, is a good idea. Through your education, you can choose a career path that is the most comfortable and convenient for you. Some are not taking education seriously, they think that education is not necessary, while there are some who are losing hope in getting a degree because they are financially challenged.

People who cannot complete their education because of financial reasons should not worry as much now, as there are available scholarship programs they can consider. But just so you know, not everyone is qualified to get it, hence once you are qualified, you have to act right to maintain it.

To help you with properly handling your scholarship program, here are a few things that must NOT do when under a scholarship program:

  • Take for granted your academics

You might get your scholarship because of sports, dancing, etc., but that should not make you put your academics aside. Academics is very important not only to maintain your scholarship but also to make sure you can enjoy a good future ahead.

Some scholars are not serious about their academics but serious with the reason why they receive a scholarship, basketball, baseball, etc., of course, you have to do well with that but you still have to give your academics with enough time and attention.

Never take for granted your academics as that can help you be more successful in the future, in case you want to change career or focus on what you really want to do with your life.

  • Not enjoying your life

Some think that because they are on a scholarship, they cannot enjoy their life anymore. It is recommended that you avoid doing anything that will hurt your morale character, but that should not make you stop from socializing with other people.

While you are on a scholarship program, you still have to give yourself a time to breath and enjoy the real world.

It is not the end of the world for you, and scholarship should not keep you from having fun and living your life to the fullest.

  • Feeling shy because you are under a scholarship program

Some feel very shy because they are in school because of a scholarship program. Actually, that should not be the case as passing on a scholarship program should make you feel very proud about yourself. Not everyone passes a scholarship program, and not everyone qualifies for it.

Do not fee shy that you on a scholarship program, instead, be proud that you are.

  • Lying to get it

Just because not everyone is qualified to get a scholarship program, you have the right to lie just to achieve it. You have to work hard to get it, and if you think that lying is the only way you can get it, scrap that idea. Lying will not bring you anywhere, you have to be honest about yourself, your situation and your achievements.

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