Marika Tolz


Currently, Marika Tolz is the office administrator for a law firm in the South Florida area.  She has held many roles throughout her career, from commercial real estate to a federal trustee for many years, from which she is now retired.  Marika is also an expert in the area of Risk Management, and has worked in this area during many of her roles across a variety of industries including law, medical, and real estate.

Marika is skilled in many different legal areas with her administrative duties which include staff oversight, communicating with clients, negotiating settlements, business reorganizations, business plans, preparing pleadings, managing open cases, and trial preparations.

Marika would like to give back a little to the next generation of women in the workplace, and wishes to use this scholarship to help out a deserving student with the scholarship award.  Along with this, she would like to generate awareness so more people in the community will help out the next generation of women in the workplace.

Professional Credentials

Personal Life

  • Based in Hollywood, FL
  • Speaks fluent French, English, Italian, Hungarian and limited Spanish

education and Certifications

  • Masters in Economics and Business Law, Temple University.
  • OSHA certification # 20-701369212
  • Real Estate Broker, Retired
  • Real Estate Appraiser, Retired
  • Supreme Court Certified Mediator, Retired

Professional Experience

  • Office Administrator, Law Office
  • Operations Manager, MedcareGold 
  • Federal Trustee 1990-2016 (retired)
  • Managing Broker, State Wide Realty Corp

Connect with Marika Tolz

If you have any other questions regarding the Marika Tolz Scholarship, feel free to get in touch by using the contact form.  If your university would like to get involved with the Marika Tolz Scholarship, you can contact us by using the form on the contact page.  Thank you!


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