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Scholarship for Women in the Workplace

Marika’s Scholarship For Women in the Workplace aims to generate awareness for equality in the workplace for women, and provide scholarship funds to a deserving student.  If you are a current student enrolled at a university in the United States, or a high school student who plans to attend a university, you could qualify for the scholarship which will donate a $1,000 award to a single student.  Click the Apply link to find out all of the details for the scholarship.

Who is it for?

The scholarship is available to any current university student in the United States or high school student who plans to attend a university in the future. If you have an interest in applying for the scholarship, you can click the apply link below and see all the details that are needed with your application and essay contest to get registered for the $1,000 scholarship fund.


Marika Tolz

marika tolz

Marika Tolz

Hollywood, Florida Businesswoman

Ms. Tolz is currently an office administrator at a law firm, and has experience in the medical industry as an operations manager.  Marika was a federal trustee for many years, and also worked in commercial real estate where she specialized in risk management.

Learn About The Scholarship

Marika thinks that it is important that every student have an equal opportunity to achieve their goals at a university, and wants to create awareness about gender equality and women in the workplace at the college level so that these lessons can be carried on through to the office setting later in life.  This is why Marika created her Scholarship for Women in the Workplace.  She wants to give back a little to a deserving student, while bringing awareness to her cause of equality for women in the workplace.

Earn Money For Education

With the education costs rising significantly, it is important that every student have access to funding when they are in need, while balancing the pressures of achieving good grades and having a tight budget.  Marika wants to give back to a student who fits all the criteria and goes through the application process and generate awareness to equality for women in the workplace.

The Marika Tolz Scholarship for Women in the Workplace is offering a $1,000 scholarship for a single student with the best essay for our essay contest.  Good luck to all the applicants!

Learn More About The Scholarship

If you need more information regarding the scholarship, you can reach out on the contact page by filling out the form, or if you are a university who would like to get involved with the scholarship, just leave us a message and Marika will get back to you regarding how you can help.


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